Participating Suppliers

Only a participating supplier can give you an instant discount. Suppliers will help you find the right equipment to reduce your energy use while meeting your other equipment needs.

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Visual Inspections

Participating Suppliers must collect a Visual Inspection form from all customers. To ensure that qualifying equipment is installed at eligible locations within the sponsoring utilities’ service territories, Frontier Energy, the program implementer, will conduct visual inspections after the rebate has been issued.  


The inspection will consist of a representative collecting the serial number and taking a photograph of the installed equipment for which the customer has received a rebate.  The inspection will be scheduled directly with the customer, at the customer’s convenience, and should take about 5 minutes.


The Visual Inspection Authorization form can be found here.

This offering is funded by ComEd®, Nicor Gas, Peoples Gas, and North Shore Gas customers in compliance with state law.