Become a Participating Supplier

How does my company benefit from this offering? 

  • Stand out from competition and sell more equipment

  • Help customers save money in their energy-intensive kitchens through instant discounts

  • Receive support from our team with outreach and marketing

  • Get more leads with your name listed on our website

  • Earn a cash sales incentive for every piece of eligible equipment sold

  • There is no cost to participate

How does the offering work? 

  • Participating suppliers provide customers a point-of-sale discount and list it on the invoice, and collect a Visual Inspection form from the customer

  • Participating suppliers submit the invoice for reimbursement using the online application

  • Rebate reimbursement and sales incentives are paid within three weeks of approval

  • Sales incentives vary based on the type of equipment sold, with no cap on sales incentives 

Customer rebate amount

Your sales incentive

< $100


≥ $100 and < $500


≥ $500 and < $1,000


≥ $1,000


What resources are provided?

  • Easy-to-use online tool to submit rebate applications and track payments

  • Marketing materials for your showroom – a banner, stickers for rebated equipment, and flyers

  • Online marketing resources

  • Training for you and your staff

  • Support from our team to help answer your questions

  • A Qualified Products List of equipment models, with associated rebate and sales incentive amounts, available for download (Excel document)

Who can become a participating supplier?

  • Foodservice equipment dealers and equipment suppliers who sell rebate-qualifying energy-efficient commercial foodservice equipment directly to eligible customers are eligible to participate in this offering.


How do I participate?

  • Sell qualifying, energy-efficient commercial foodservice equipment to customers who are served by ComEd®, Nicor Gas, Peoples Gas and/or North Shore Gas. 

  • Review the Participating Supplier Agreement

  • Provide a W-9.

  • Complete a mandatory one-hour training (scheduled at your availability) to discuss:

    • Offering rules and requirements

    • Eligible equipment you may already sell

    • Marketing the instant discount to your customers 

    • Understanding the participating supplier sales incentive 

    • Submitting rebate applications using the online tool 

    • Tracking rebate applications and payments


Are inspections required? 

  • To ensure that qualifying equipment is installed at eligible locations within the sponsoring utilities’ service territories, Frontier Energy, the program implementer, will conduct visual inspections after the rebate has been issued.  

  • The inspection will consist of a representative collecting the serial number and taking a photograph of the installed equipment for which the customer has received a rebate.

  • The inspection will be scheduled directly with the customer, at the customer’s convenience, and should take about 5 minutes.

  • Participating Suppliers can download the Visual Inspection Authorization form here.

Ready to learn more? Please contact the Frontier Energy team for more details or to enroll in the offering.

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